Wednesday, 07 July 2010 07:31

Mexican banda/corrido singer Lupillo Rivera shows off his emotional side on his new video “24 horas,” which was filmed in Monterrey, Mexico recently.
The video single will be released in Mexico and the United States next week. In the past 10 years, Rivera has risen from obscurity to a top player in the regional Mexican music scene. He is part of the rivera dynasty that includes his sister Jenni and younger brother Juan.

Rivera’s popularity emerged a few years ago, and mostly from an underground fan base, particularly in Southern California. And throughout his

career, controversy has dogged him.

Early on, detractors criticized him for overplaying a skit in his live shows in which he sometimes sings ranchera classics in skits where he portrays a boorish drunk. They claimed Rivera was disrespecting the genre. Rivera response was as long as people pay to see him, he’ll give them whatever entertainment is appropriate.

Meanwhile, Rivera’s new video was directed by renown director Temo Márquez and recently filmed in the suburb of San Pedro in Monterrry.

According to his PR man Rafael Montiel, the tune was written by Ericka Vidrio and describes the pain and solitude of losing someone. In the video, which features a guest appearance by Jose Julian, Rivera evokes a raw emotional mix that captures the darkness and disappointment that comes in the aftermath.

The single is the second and latest from Rivera’s new CD “Las 24 horas.”


Graba Lupillo Rivera en Monterrey video del sencillo '24 horas'