Saturday, 17 July 2010 18:45

Jesse Turner is an insightful, creative and talented songwriter, singer and bandleader in his group Siggno.

The young group has slowly risen in popularity, and has also been nominated for the best norteno category of the Grammy awards.

Now Turner has a brand new CD, "Que Harias," released on July 13. In a recent interview, Turner said the CD is a remarkable, almost philosophical piece of work where he draws upon his personal, sometimes painful but always cathartic experiences with romance, loss, solitude, hopes and dreams.

We'll run that interview and CD review next week. Meantime, we asked the sometimes quiet, sometimes pensive, sometimes talkative but always animated Turner to

give us his list of his favorite all time CDs, and most importantly, the why?

Here it is....interesting list.

1. Brian McKnight / From There To Here 1989 - 2002
This is where I go every time I feel hurt, every time I want to get away from pain. It has songs like Anytime, One Last Cry, Home, etc. The fact that he writes his own songs and produces his own music is amazing. Did I mention he records all the instruments as well. His songs tell you a story every single time. Can you believe he holds the record for 16 nominations without a win.

2. La Mafia / Estas Tocando Fuego - Released 1991
God who wasn’t a La Mafia fan when this album came out in the early 1990’s? Tejano music was introduced to me it was so fresh, so new…. One minute you were crying and the next you were dancing. I’ll never forget it meant so much to me cause my sister Yolanda gave me that cassette for Christmas!!!!!

3. Los Chamacos / Dangerous - Released 1992
I would love watching the Johnny Canales show and although many bands moved from left to right, it really didn’t do much for me as we would watch the show on that black and white TV. Then that morning Johnny said Jaime de Anda y Los Chamacos Take It Away and my mind was in a stage of shock cause I had never seen anybody play drums, bass, bajo sexto, and the accordion the way they did. Even though I had the album “Playing With Fire” from the late 80’s, I just liked the song selection, quality of sound, and musicianship on that Dangerous album.

4. Micheal Jackson / Bad - Released Aug. 31, 1987
Can you believe my mom still has the dresser that has a sticker I put as a kid that says “I Love Michael!” I don’t even know how old I was, but everybody wanted to sing and be like Michael. The sound was so unique and unforgettable!!! He revolutionized the way music is done and heard. I have this album on my itunes and it never got old.

5. Intocable / Contigo - Released 1999
The quality behind the sound and the song selection has to be the best Intocable had ever had. It had so much feeling, it had something that still makes you stop and listen… I appreciate this album so much. I’ve always thought that maybe it was a good album because they had just lost three friends in that vehicle accident and I always thought that all those feeling were laid down on that album.

6 Los Palominos / Del Norte Al Sur - Released May 1992
I remember being in my art class during my high school years and the class was awesome because they would let us listen to anything on the radio. I got up from my chair and walked towards the radio and I asked a friend who is this band. Los Palominos was my favorite band for as long as I can remember. I couldn’t believe that the music was simple yet it was powerful. I had to wait until the weekend to get that album and it was exactly what I thought it would be based on one song.. Me Estoy Enamorando.

7. Ramon Ayala / La Rama del Mesquite Released April 16, 1995
I was at church believe it or not when I first heard of Ramon Ayala. He has many albums that are great, but I still enjoy La Rama del Mesquite, Cuando Apenas Era un Jovencito, etc. In my personal opinion, nothing beats that fat, crisp, analog sound. Everything is now digital cause its faster, but any studio engineer will tell you that they miss hearing that analog sound.

8. Tremendos Galilleos / La Promesa - Released late 1980’s
My family was religious and I had to listen to Micheal Jackson and Los Chamacos whenever my sister was around, but there was never a problem with me listening to Los Tremendous. Who? Ha ha ha. These gospel band was the only band I can listen too all day and night. They had another album that was recorded live and their song selection was inspirational. I learned many years later that my favorite songs were written my Marcos Witt. What I didn’t mention earlier was that I stopped listening to the album the day I heard Los Palominos. I liked Los Palominos because they sounded so similar to Los Tremendous. I told Johnny Arreola about it and then he said, “Hey, we do sound kinda of the same.”

9. Brad Paisley
I don’t have a favorite album, but what gets my mind going about any of his music is that he performs his own songs with so much life. His songs tell different stories every single time. I am amazed at his ability to to write a song about picking between his woman or fishing. Songs like Little Moments Like That, Cause He Didn’t Have To Be, I’m still A Guy… This guy challenges me to do the same and write songs that don’t always have to be about the same thing. I believe that now you can write about a song about a rock that doesn’t move..His albums, lyrics, songs, shows, are all motivating to my music career.

10. Siggno / Que Harias - Released July 13, 2010
This is my favorite album right now. I know because everything I wrote are things that just happened to me. It’s a chapter that I haven’t forgotten because the feelings are still there. To me writing my songs is a way to get away yet these songs give me strength. I just don’t like telling anyone because I don’t want people to think I’m high on my own stuff. Lol. I drove around the city after I got my first copy and I’m not ashamed to say that it brought me to tears which is something I hadn’t done in a long while. Recording it was easy, listening to it was hard, but seeing it help others was a relieve and that’s how it helps me survive.