Thursday, 05 August 2010 08:01

Singer George Rivas says his new CD “Overdue,” is simply a continuation of his passion for his craft.

The title is literally and figuratively true. It has been several years since Rivas released a CD.
“I keep singing and playing because it's always been in my heart and in the genes,” Rivas said. “There are guys that I know of, who wish they could sing or play an instrument for the fame or to get chicks, but it's always

been different for me. I love it with a passion. Music is life!

“The majority of the time that I sing and play I love to make people happy and I do.”

Now Rivas celebrates his birthday – at 8 p.m. Thursday Aug. 5 with a big bash at – where else – George’s Place, 5214 Blanco Rd. at Dresden. Funs starts at 8 p.m; free admission.

The lineup includes George Rivas, Groveland Chicano Band, Larry Garcia, Joe Jama, La Fuerza’s Ben Miranda and other special guests.

Rivas advice to aspiring straight savvy to musicians:  “Get a job, or get an education.”

Rivas’s CD includes several special guests: “Eddie Rivas (Drums), Martin Garcia (Keyboards), Jorge Alejandro (Bass), Gilbert Velasquez (Guitar), Joe Revelez (Keyboards), Donald Garza (Trumpet & Trumbone), Gibby Escobedo (Sax), (Background vocals) Jay Perez, Robert Solis, and Ralph Cortez.” 

Rivas began his career at 11.

From his official bio:
“Rivas started playing Keyboards in 1964 in his neighborhood on the Westside of town with a garage band that called them self’s “Gabriel & the Del jays.” He played for debuts, weddings, and backyard house parties for 3, 4, or 5 dollars per night. A year later he joined “The Classics”, a band that consist of 12 members, all from Brackenridge High School.

“They played at the patio en ad lust, debuts weddings, and a lot of high schools around the San Antonio area. Then he got in with “Sonny Ace and The Twisters”, that’s when he was introduce to Tejano music, and old school oldies, He also recorded his first record. After that he played with “Henry & The Casuals”, and then started singing, the year was 1968.

“Then through the years he played with bands like, Sweet Chianti, The Struggling Kind, Crusader Band, Ray Maldonado Band, Gilbert & The Blue Notes, Zapata, Felix Solis, Continental Orchestra and Many more. Rivas sang for The Royal Jesters in 1972 before they crossed over to Tejano.  Shortly thereafter he joined one of Texas’ most famous bands, The Latin Breed.

“As a keyboardist and background vocalist, he showed the long high range and power of his voice in backing up singer Jimmy Edward in an album that has become a collector’s item in the Texas music industry.  The album, titled “The Return Of The Latin Breed.”

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