Tuesday, 10 March 2009 04:27

“Boulevard Nights” Celebrates 20th Anniversary

One of the classic films of the late '80s was spotlighted here recently. As reported in this story by our correspondent Ramon Hernandez, the party turned out to be a special occasion.


Would you believe it’s been 20

years since “Boulevard Nights” became a Chicano cult classic?

Last Friday Jesse Borrego hosted a party for Danny De La Paz to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of “Boulevard Nights” and what was supposed to be a small gathering of friends turned out to be a super blowout as people overflowed into the front and rear of the building.

Of course De La Paz, who has been in San Antone since the beginning of this year, was on hand to sign autographs and pose for pictures. Outside, Borrego screened the famed film plus “San Quilmas Springbreak,” which includes the late Randy Garibay.

Rita Verreos of “Survivor Fiji,” Brandy López of “Latin Fusion TV,” Yolanda Ayala of Picturesque Media, Joe Moreira of “Qué Calor TV,” Áaron Sandoval of Power Base Media, Ed Figueroa, a Luis Guzman look-a-like, Sandra Valadez, and scores of other VIPs were on hand for the event.

The function was held at Borrego’s recently purchased building at 2330 S. Presa Street; and although it is fairly new, the complex he named Cine Studio is quickly turning into an art Mecca and center with Hollywood type boutiques such as Leticia’s “It’s A Girl Thing.”

Even “Desperate Housewives’” Ricardo Chavira has been seen here hobnobbing with those in attendance.

If anyone is interested on leasing space from Jesse, call Roberto Alvarado at (210) 275-0962.

More on Borrego and De La Paz in a near-future exclusive interview …