Wednesday, 19 November 2008 20:35

Ramiro Burr's Top 10 all-time concerts

1. Led  Zeppelin, HemisFair Arena, 5/22/1973 – historic band, just beginning to flex their sonic power

2. U2, Transworld Dome, St. Louis, 8/11/1997 – the “Pop Tour” big stage, lights and incredible sound. Awesome music on that CD.

3. INXS/Adam Ant, Majestic Theater, 5/11/1983 – frontman Michael Hutchence mesmerized, and the band was tight. Insulting that they had to open for Adam Ant.

4. Elton John//Billy Joel, Alamodome, 11/16/1994 – great team up, EJ’s incredible melodies and BJ’s saloon songs.

5. Paul McCartney, Astrodome, 4/23/1993 – essentially a Beatles’ retrospective…all the hits.

6. (Jimmy) Page & (Robert) Plant,  Alamodome, 9/26/1998 – a Led Zeppelin retrospective…and 20 years on the songs still had power.pp98_2log.jpg - 23,61 K

7. Tina Turner, Woodlands Pavilion, Houston, 5/1/1997 – a ball of energy with more hits than you can count.

8. Moody Blues, Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, 12/6/1978

9. The Eagles, SBC Center, 6/9/2003

10. Garth Brooks, Compact Center, Houston, 1997- Garthmania was full blown, but seeing Brooks live, it became very clear why his songs of dreams, ambition, hope and  reflection connect

First concert ever: Grand Funk Railroad, Memorial Coliseum, Corpus Christi 6/11/1973

Notables: Depeche Mode, Alamodome, 11/20/1998; Shakira, SBC Center, 1/23/2003; Van Halen, SBC Center,9/28/ 2004; Steely Dan, Laurie Auditorium, 9/14/1973; Rolling Stones, Alamodome, 11/5/1994 Yes, Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, 10/1/1978- when a band has been together 10 years they tend to really gel. And though their lineup changed, they clicked on this “in the round” tour; Black Sabbath/Van Halen, City Coliseum, Austin, 11/17/1978;  Rush, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, 8/17/2002; Genesis, Summit, Houston, 8/14/1982

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