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Every now and then you run across some pretty interesting stories, websites and information on the world wide web. thingsiwishihadtaughtmyson.comis one of those. Story, photos below courtesy of Jesus Ramirez.

Check it out.


A young Latino father sends his son off to college but realizes that he still has some lessons he wants to pass on.

  RamirezRafael 300.JPGIn late August, Rafael Ramirez, the oldest of 8, left for college.  He had his backpack, his computer, his schedule of classes, his chanclas, a couple of pairs of high-tops, several basketball shorts, a box of ramen noodles and a few other odds and ends.  But Jesus Ramirez, his papi, who had not fully gotten a chance to pass on all his life lessons got to writing.  He remembered reading about the author of Life's Little Instruction Book.  "I remember that right before his son left for college, this particular dad went back in the house and wrote of list of quick tips for life.  That book I have bought several times and it became a bestseller about 10 or 15 years ago", said Jesus, Rafael's father.

Not knowing how far I would take it, I got to writing a series of emails entitled... Things I wish I had taught my son... And still can.

"If I could help my son avoid stepping on land mines by just telling him where they are, then maybe I should inform him.  If I could help him look for the right signs on the road of life, maybe I should let him know where they are."  Ramirez started writing a combination of daily emails including life lessons, business lessons, relationship lessons, study lessons, management lessons, marketing lessons and practical tips for getting by...  "I will probably keep writing until I complete a year of hand-me-down lessons and found wisdom.  These are important things that I have learned along the way.  Some I learned the hard way.  Some I learned in books.  Some I learned from wonderful mentors. A ver que pasa."


Eventually, Ramirez was urged by a few friends to make these emails to his son public.  He researched  a way to do this and enlisted the help of icontact.com.  Now anybody interested in reading along can go to thingsiwishihadtaughtmyson.com and register to receive their very own daily emails.  The subscription is free.  You may agree with some of the lessons, you may reject them.  But I think you'll find them interesting.  If not you can always unsubscribe.



Jesus Ramirez is the founder and owner of My Story, thestorytellingplace.com  He is an expert video documentary movie maker whose company captures the priceless memories and stories that our beloved parents and grandparents need to tell... For future generations to come. 

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