6 QUESTIONS: Urban rap group Orishas

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SIX QUESTIONS: Urban rap group Orishas says their youthful mix of hip-hop, Afro-Cuban son and vocal harmonies rarely gets airplay - but singer Yotuel Romero says that doesn't bother them. Their latest CD is "Antidiótico."


This interview first ran in Latino Future - http://www.latinofuture.com 

Orisha300RGB.jpgSo, is radio really not that important to you?

"I believe that good music, nothing can stop it. We would love to be on the radio like all the reggaeton bands, but they tell us Orishas is in a format of music that does not pass on the radio. And we're never going to produce music, just to get on radio."


So how do you expect your music to get heard on a major basis with minimal airplay?

"With a top quality and a cultural richness that is incredible. I think that is important, and the sound you hear in Orishas, you can't find anywhere else."


Today's music marketplace has online access, ringtones, and mobile digital distribution. Do you think that has helped the younger audience stay in touch with your music?

"Yes. That are a lot of people who follow us and that is why Orishas is here. It is like a cult, our music has a certain identity and it inspires many other new bands. I recently talked to Daddy Yankee and Pitbull and they super fans.


The new CD is a compilation of your previous works. How difficult was it to make the final selections?

"We (Yotuel, Roldan (Gonzalez) and Ruzzo (Hiram Riveri)) all agreed that we would each pick whatever 13 songs we wanted. And it turned out that coincidently, we had 12 songs in common. These songs marked the era for us, they marked the decade that has been Orishas."


Can your fans expect the group to continue it's  collaborations and musical mix that's on ""Antidiótico"?

"Yes. We're going to continue doing those things, playing the Cuban trova, the folk music. We're always looking for new sounds and new musical collaborations and more experimentation."

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