Lopez's brother: 'Joe Lopez is not doing good'

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Joe Lopez in another time

Famed Tejano singer Joe Lopez is not doing good in a the Huntsville prison says his brother Lorenzo Lopez.

"We're losing him...se esta muriendo," said Lorenzo, Joe's younger brother.

Joe Lopez, a former lead singer for Tejano group Mazz, has been in a Huntsville prison since he was convicted in October 2006 on one count of indecency with a child and two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child. The sentences were to run concurrent which mean Lopez is facing a 20-year sentence.

As reported in this Brownsville Herald new story,
Justice' campaign crusades for jailed Joe Lopez, recently, Lorenzo Lopez, and his wife Judy, have headed a new movement, the "Justice 4 Joe Lopez" campaign and Web site, www.justice4joelopez.org. According to the couple, so far they have collected some 400-plus signatures on a petition proclaiming his innocence.

Lopez's brother: 'Joe Lopez is not doing good'

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