'Ylse': new exciting, groundbreaking Latino web series launched

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(Special to RamiroBurr.com by Patricio Espinoza, espiBlog.org.)

Part irreverent comedy, part drama and part activist "Ylse" is someone everyone should meet, and a Latina, Latinos would most certainly identify with. YISEPicture 4-1.jpg

Introducing "Ylse" a ground breaking Web Series for Latinos by Latinos, and many are already talking about it. 
And yes you heard it first... you can't watch this great new series on TV....
created by Ruth Livier, Showtime Resurrection Blvd.,
Ylse is only available on-line through viral web sites like YouTube.
The web-only series is bilingual but mostly in English focused on a new generation of Latinos and women in particular.

"Ylse" unapologetically Latina from Patricio Espinoza on Vimeo.

"Ylse" (ee-l-say) for those Spanish impaired :) is the story of a Latina journalist looking to break in, and the challenges she must face... from political correctness to bra "pads." 
YisePicture 2.jpg

"Ylse" production is put together by a group of Latino producers, actors and film makers in Los Angeles with their own backing, and no big studios to answer to.
"It takes a lot of Love...." says Executive Producer and director Joe Camareno and adds that viral web traffic is slowly but surely increasing.  Ruth Livier is the creator behind the groundbreaking series which she describes as her way to tell the world how "Latinos live the American experience."  Season one includes four episodes.... stand-by for Season two.

About the story: It's the wave of the future. Shot via Skype from San
Antonio to LA and back. Enjoy! More @ 
ylse.net | espiblog.org

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