Sunny Sauceda: critical Grammy deadline looms

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Last night at the "All-Star Tribute to Jerry De La Rosa," CD release at the Cadillac Bar, singer/accoordionist Sunny Sauceda laid it on the line:

SaucedaSunny.gifThe deadline for CD submissions for the 2008 or 51st Grammys is next Wednesday, Sept. 3. The word is that not enough Tejano CDs have been submitted for the Tejano category.

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The danger is, says Sauceda, that if not enough CDs are submitted, officials may decide to eliminate the Tejano category.

That would be disasterous because that would mean an end to Tejano's participation in the one of the world's best-known awards proigram, an award show that is broadcast in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The 51st Grammy Awards are scheduled in February and will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.GrammyLogolga_mark_v1_rgb1.jpg

Sauceda, who is vice president and governor at the Recording Academy, Texas Chapter, has been pounding the podiums everywhere he goes. He relayed the same message two weeks ago at the Tejano National Convention in Dallas.

Sauceda can be reached at (210) 467-7601.

More details:


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