TV/Film: 'The Fifth Horseman Is Fear' on hope and darkness

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Stayed up late last night watching TV and came into a pleasant surprise, a movie called: "The Fifth Horseman is Fear" on TCM, Channel 71. It starred Miroslav Machacek as Dr. Braun and Olga Scheinpflugova as the music teacher.

Fifthhorseman_cover 315.JPGIt is a fascinating movie, produced in 1968, with stark black-and-white cinematography. It is also a brutal yet mesmerizing story about a Jewish doctor who tries to make a human contact in a bizarre backdrop that is World War II Nazi Germany during the invasion of Czechoslovakia.

It is a time when human decency and individual ambition is trashed and put aside behind fascism, Stalinism and the grand machine.

In this review, the film is about "the Holocaust that was directed by Zbynek Brynych. Instead of depicting gas chambers and concentration camps, the film examines the subtler but equally debilitating mental effects of oppression."

"The Fifth Horseman is Fear" is a grim film, made more so by its black and white imagery. In summary, the film is powerful in its depiction of an individual who risks his life to help someone who is considered a fugitive, a criminal in a time where madness reigns.

The central protagonist, Dr. Braun, is riveting in his portrayal of a man caught between duty and political oppression. There is so much ominous fear and dread throughout the Hitchcockian film, one can never relax or allay the sense of danger. Yet that is what makes this film all the more powerful. One individual trying to do the right thing, at a time when his actions can have deadly consequences.

More details:

The film was shown on TCM last night and unfortunately, there is no upcoming scheduled showing of that film within the next 10 days. We suggest you put a Google alert on it for a future showing.

Drop us a comment if you happened to have watched it last night.



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yes, indeed, I watched it last night; a film I have loved since it was released first in this country in 1968. you show the DVD cover of the Facets version, which is missing a key scene, due to the source they used to record it.
So do not use it and/or at least advise your other readers to go for the real thing which was at TCM last night.

What was your favourite movie with him in lead role?

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